Custom team URLs for Pro and Enterprise

At Postman, we work with URLs every day. Maybe you do too. We’ve been thinking deeply about product design while introducing new features and enhancements, and we believe our product should have a clean and accessible URL design as well.

Custom team URLs are now in effect for Postman Pro and Enterprise users. This makes Postman features easier to access and streamlines the sign in process.

One URL to access them all

With a custom team URL, you can access the Postman web view by typing <your-team-name> into your browser. 

For example, if my team name is “postmanlabs”, my custom team URL will now be, and all features will be predictably accessible by appending /docs, /monitors, or any other Postman features.

Get your own custom team URL

You can see your current team name on the team page of the Postman web view.

If you didn’t enter a team name when you first created your Pro team, you can update that now. From the team page, click the gear icon in the top right, and select “Edit team” to update your team name.


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