API testing tips from a Postman professional

As an engineer at Postman, I talk to a lot of people who use Postman to test their APIs. Over the years, I’ve picked up 10 tips and tricks for simplifying and automating the task…

Author: James Messinger

I love traveling more than anyone should, and I dream of doing a `git push` from every continent on Earth. I also secretly wonder if anybody ever actually reads these bios lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.

Square simplifies API docs with the Run in Postman button

Square is a mobile payment company that aims to simplify commerce through technology, operating in the US, Canada, Japan, Australia, and the United Kingdom. Square started with a little white credit card reader in 2009,…

Author: joyce

Developer Evangelist. Makes dank memes.

Building a Restaurant Discovery Service with Postman

The San Francisco Postman office has a team lunch every week, which is great. But making choices is hard. While picking a place to go for lunch, we'd waste precious time deliberating whether we wanted…

Author: Andrew Broz

I'm a dev at Postman, returned Peace Corps volunteer, Texan, math major, and sometimes cellist. Я говорю по-русский (і українською також).

Lucid relies on Postman throughout the entire sales cycle

Lucid is a marketplace for market research that provides an automated way to test ads and survey consumers. Using 15 billion data points attributed to 200 demographic variables, Lucid uses human data to provide real-time…

Author: joyce

Developer Evangelist. Makes dank memes.