Wondering About Air Quality? Postman Can Help.

The team at Postman created a collection in response to the wildfires currently devastating Northern California. The fires have brought tragedy, and have also caused hazardous ash and smoke pollution in the surrounding areas. As Postman has an office in San Francisco, we thought it was important to help our fellow Northern Californians and the rest of the world stay aware of the air quality in their surroundings.

This collection gets air quality updates from the AccuWeather API and posts them to Twitter according to your account and location specifications. We have also included links in the documentation to donate to local charities assisting families and emergency workers in Northern California. We hope this will help people.

Get Involved

Many families in Northern California are in need of food, clothing, and additional supplies. We’ve collected a few resources for those who want to aid these communities.

  • ABC7 North Bay Take Action Resources List – ABC 7 has put together a long list of ways to take action including locations of food pantries, animal shelters, charities, supplies needed, and shelters in need of volunteers.

  • GoFundaHero – Bay Area Firefighters & Families – The Marin Professional Firefighters and Santa Rosa Firefighters have set up a GoFundaHero campaign to raise donations for the brave men and women who are putting their lives on the line to help protect those in the path of the wildfires. 100% of the donations received will go directly to the firefighters and their families.

  • The California Fire Foundation – The California Fire Foundation provides critical support to surviving families of fallen firefighters and the communities they serve.

Technologies Used

  1. Postman – This collection utilizes Postman Collections, Postman Monitors, and Postman Environments.

  2. AccuWeather APIAccuWeather’s API allows users to obtain real weather data, including air quality data.

  3. Twitter – We’ve chosen to use the Twitter API as a platform to reach out to our community and spread the message about the state of the San Francisco air quality since the Northern California fires have started. You can configure your own Twitter account to post periodic air quality updates.

Learn More and Try It Out

Check out the docs for the Postman Air Quality Monitor Collection and try it out for yourself.

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Author: Andrew Broz

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