Introducing Postman Pro

With the advent of microservices based infrastructure, APIs are now the drivers behind product architecture. With so many APIs to consume, developers have a hard time staying up to date. They spend hours fixing bugs due to the lack of documentation and it takes months to onboard new hires. Tools like build systems and internal documentation portals also fall out of sync and have to be updated manually, sucking up hours of development time.

Postman Pro can help you solve these problems, by empowering your team to help you produce awesome APIs.

Postman Pro lets your team share and manage collections of APIs they consume in real-time. Collections are groupings of API endpoints that include documentation and test scripts. Pro makes your team faster and more efficient as every member will have access to the complete list of API collections that you’re currently utilizing. Plus, all updates are in real-time. With Postman Pro, you’ll have an auto-updating source of truth for all your APIs. As collections are edited, every user on your team will be notified of any changes to their collections automatically. Pro also creates rich documentation for your collections which you can then customize and add a domain to for your website.

Postman Pro was built with our users in mind, based on feedback from thousands of developers who were part of our original synced team beta. Thousands of teams have already signed up for Pro, including companies such as Tesla, Pinterest, Comcast, and HBO. Read one company’s experience here.

We are excited to introduce Pro to our community and the rest of the world. So remember with Postman Pro, working with API’s don’t have to suck. Get started with Pro today.

Note: The earlier version of this post referred to Postman Cloud, which has now been deprecated.

Author: Abhinav

CEO @ Postman