Call for Partners: The Run in Postman Button for API documentation

Interactive documentation, workflow examples, instant testing with the click of a button

We are giving out a limited number of partnership opportunities for the Run in Postman button. Run in Postman offers a one-click way for developers consuming your public APIs to test the end-points, learn from workflow examples, and onboard faster. Email me at to get more info.

As more and more people embrace public APIs, the Run in Postman button flattens the learning curve dramatically. Clicking on the button, devs instantly import the collection of endpoints you specify. This can be a standard set of API calls or actual workflow examples.

Here is an example collection to get started on Postman. Click the button to go through the user experience.

Run in Postman

For our earliest adopters, we will highlight you to our 2.5 Million developers in the launch.

To get started,

  • Create the collection of requests you would like to link to in your documentation. If you have Swagger or RAML files, just convert them to a Collection by importing in Postman.
  • Get the embed code in-app from the Share collection option.
  • share-modal-660px

  • Embed this button onto your documentation pages in your webpages or repo readmes.
  • copy-code-660px

  • For more details, here’s a link to our documentation.

By embedding the Run button, you make your API vastly more accessible for the 2.5 Million plus developers on Postman. We plan to highlight early adopters and other launch partners in mid-February. The partnership will include opportunities to,

  • be listed in our in-app message to Postman users
  • be featured on our blog
  • social media mentions
  • a link to your API and description in the integrations page

For more information, please message me at Looking forward to connecting!