In-App Postman Lessons

Learn to use Postman for every stage of your API’s lifecycle

We recently added an interactive in-app learning center! You can opt-in to any lesson to improve or practice your Postman skills.

We often hear of developers who use Postman just as a REST client. This is fine, but since Postman provides tools for every stage of the API lifecycle, these folks are missing out on numerous features and functionality to make their work with APIs easier and faster. If you like using Postman as a REST client, we bet you’ll like our other features too – all in the same familiar Postman format.

To make the learning more of Postman as easy as possible, we created lessons. Our in-app learning center has lessons for users at every level, so you can learn the basics and extend your skills even further. And here’s the best part – the learning center provides you with guided instructions, so you can follow along effortlessly.

When you enter the learning center in the app, you’ll see a library of interactive lessons that range from beginner to expert level. We designed the learning center to track your progress, so your lessons will always be geared to your skillset. In addition, we are consistently adding new lessons. Your learning center will automatically populate with new and relevant material for you to master.  

Here are some things you can learn right now on Postman’s in-app learning center

  • Designing and mocking APIs (2 lessons) – Designing and mocking your APIs before you build them helps you define dependencies, create contracts, and identify expected functionality as well as potential problems.
  • Debugging and manual testing (4 lessons) – Manually testing and debugging your APIs is a great skill, and it’s the first step on the way to automation!
  • Automated testing (4 lessons) – Save time by using Postman’s powerful test scripts to automate your tests.
  • API documentation (1 lesson) – Postman allows you to automatically create beautiful, web-viewable documentation right from your collection.
  • Monitoring (1 lesson) – Monitoring allows you to create automated tests that monitor your APIs on a custom schedule. You can monitor for uptime, responsiveness, and correctness.
  • Collaboration (1 lesson) – This lesson will show you how to use Postman’s tools to strengthen your team’s collaboration efficiency.

Here’s how you can get started –

Step 1 – Click on the icon at the bottom right corner of your app.  

Step 2 – Scroll through our lessons and choose a skill you want to practice.

Step 3 – Click “Learn” and follow along!

We’ll be adding more and more detailed lessons over the coming weeks – keep an eye out for new options in the Postman app!